Empty beach with the sunbeds in Kaputaş beach

7 things to do in Kaş

  • Jul 26, 2022
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Antalya's Kaş district has many ancient cities like all costs of Antalya. What fascinated me the most in Kaş was the landscapes of Lycian and Roman ancient city settlements.

Go for sightseeing in the center of Kaş

The best way to catch the rhythm and spirit of a city is to walk. While walking in the streets of Kaş you are going to feel surrounded by great history, nearby the busy streets and stores you are going to see the different sarcophagus tomb structures inherited from the Lycian empire, the structures that are survived from the Lycian civilization is mostly tombs.

Explore the Viewpoints in Kaş

As I told you that, the best way of exploring a city is to walk. Sometimes, getting lost before reaching a planned destination makes your journey more enjoyable. The sweet fear and excitement of the unknown… isn't it such an experience that what’s called adventure? Getting lost in the middle of nowhere and keep walking between oak trees and wild mountain thymes and reaching to this viewpoint.

It felt like we discovered this place for the first time and there was no one in history who looked at this view before us. Before we came to this viewpoint, our planned destination was Liman Ağzı beach.

If you want to reach this viewpoint, you will walk on a stony road for a while, in small bushes and thorns, I suggest you to wear good shoes and pants if it’s possible. To reach this viewpoint write on your Google map Liman Ağzı beach and follow the path that the map takes you. You will see a crossroad one is going down and the other one goes up. Probably the road going upwards leads you to this beach, but we chose the road going downwards and we kept walking. Finally, you will see the Meis (Kastelloriza) island. It’s a bit challenging but totally worth it!

My second favorite viewpoint is a hill that can be walked through the bushes after climbing the top steps of the Phellos ancient theater, this hill offers a 360-degree viewpoint. If you take the Çukurbağ Peninsula in front of you, on the right side of the view you will see Kaş's marina and on the left side, you will see the Kaş's Harbor.

Enjoy the world coffees in the Linckia Roastery Cafe Shop

This wonderful coffee shop runs by a Chinese coffee expert. The coffee shop has lots of different country coffees. Barista can help you to choose which country's coffees best for your taste. Light, medium, or bitter.

I wanted to give it a try for a stronger coffee, barista’s recommendation for me was Costa Rican or Ethiopian coffee. I preferred Costa Rican with the cold brew method and the taste was great. I highly recommend this place for coffee lovers and occasional coffee drinkers.

Discover the turquoise color beaches of Kaş

Kaş is a frequent destination for many local and foreign tourists, especially in the summer season. The city is quite crowded in the months of June-July-August. I recommend visiting Kaş in the low season, September or May, even though we went in the last week of September, the beaches and the town were still quite crowded.

İnceboğaz Beach

This beach is located in the narrowest part of the Çukurbağ peninsula, there are beaches on both sides of this place, we preferred entering the sea on the side that faces with marina. On this beach, unfortunately, you cannot lay your own towel down, all over the beach occupied with sunbeds. You have to rent a sunbed, one sunbed and an umbrella cost 30 Turkish lira. The sea was incredibly clean in here.

Hidayet Bay

Before going to this bay, I did some research on the internet, and I did not know that bay was taken over a business, now the name of the bay is Blanca Beach club. If you want to rent a sunbed it costs 50 Turkish lira and an umbrella is 20 Turkish lira. If you want to swim in this bay without renting a sunbed, you can put your towel down on the rocks and enjoy the bay.

The sea is again incredibly beautiful, I think the clarity of the sea water in Kaş is great, no matter which beach or bay you swim in. In this bay people were coming to do scuba diving in here, I also dived with my goggles, it was amazing. On the shores, there are many small fishes.

Kaputaş Beach

Kaputaş beach is located below the cliffs before going down to the beach you can take lots of photos with this beautiful view. This beach is quite popular and perhaps one of the beaches that comes to everyone's mind when the destination is Kaş.

On this beach, the sea deepens quickly and when the sea is wavy swimming in here may require a little more effort than normal. This beach is owned by the municipality so you can also use showers, changing cabins, and toilets for free.

If you want to rent sunbeds and umbrellas its costs 10 Turkish lira the price is quite affordable, and if you don’t want to sit on the sunbeds you can also lay your towel in the empty areas. Various drinks and food options are also available at the beach restaurant.

Visit ancient cities and historical places


The ancient city of Patara was the capital of the Lycia civilization. After the tour of the ancient city, you will see Patara beach. This beach is famous for its sand dunes. The sand dunes are also a home for the sea turtles. Baby turtles meet the sea for the first time in here. You can watch the sunset from the dunes as we did. The day we were at the seaside it was so windy so, watch out the sands. Before leaving the Patara, don’t forget to buy handmade seashell necklaces and bracelets that will remind you of this journey.

An interesting fact about Patara: Patara Parliament Building, known as the world’s oldest democratic parliament building in human history.


Myra is located in Demre district of Antalya, 45 km away from Kaş, if your destination for going back home is on the way to Antalya this is another ancient city where you can stop by, I told you that Lycian civilization's artistic understanding is most striking on the tomb structures, well in this city The most magnificent structures that survived by now is one of a kind rock tombs. I highly recommend you to stop by this ancient city to see this interesting historical place.

Saint Nicholas Church

Saint Nicholas church is known as a stop where pilgrims visited on their way to Jerusalem. Saint Nicolas is a very important figure for the Orthodox Christian World therefore 6th of December is celebrated as Saint Nicholas Day in the countries where the majority of Orthodox people live such as Russia and Greece. Saint Nicolas, also known as Santa Claus, according to stories he gives gifts to children who behave well.

Outside of this church, there was a statue of Saint Nicholas portrayed with many children around him this represents him as a protector of the children. The church was the oldest-looking church I have ever seen. Scenes on the frescoes have mostly pictured the miracles of Saint Nicholas. You might see some papers with a list of names fell down on the floor. In Orthodox belief, people write the names of their loved ones on a piece of paper, and during their visit to the church, they put the papers between the stones of the wall and wish a good life for loved ones.

Join the boat trip

Kekova sunken city

There are many tour boats in Kaş’s harbor you can get information about the prices and the routes to decide which boat you want to join a tour with. There are also different options some boats can be rented daily for groups. We chose the Simena boat The Captain and his family run the boat. The price of the tour was 150 TL per person and lunch was included, for the lunch, they served chicken barbecue with types of delicious meze’s (meze type of Turkish tapas) and salads, the food was amazing.

There are many different wonderful bays on the route of the boat tour. We visited Akvaryum bay, İnönü bay, Tersane Bay, Kekova sunken city, Kaleköy or in another name Simena. My favorite bay was İnönü bay which is located between two small hills and when you reach there is a kind of a small beach with sands on the floor. Another interesting stop is Sunken city on the island of Kekova, which contains the remainings of the Lycian civilization and the Eastern Rome civilization.

The Captain gives brief information about the history of this place. Half of this island was buried underwater due to earthquakes early on, excavations for these islands never started, this is the reason why visitors cannot swim around the islands.


Another important stop on the boat tour was Kaleköy, after reaching the village you can follow the pathway to the left to reach the shore where you can swim. Also, you can rent a canoe and take a ride on the shores of this village. The boat gives one-hour break here, unfortunately, There is not enough time to explore the whole village.

Smells of the sage plants were all over this village. While walking to the castle even on the sides of the stairs there were sage plants, you need a museum card for entering the castle. The locals here mostly make a living by selling products to tourists. They sell handmade necklaces, dresses, and natural sage plants that they picked themself.