A window overlooking the garden reveals snow-covered houses adorned with star and heart-shaped Christmas decorations

Cozy time of the year: my impression of Christmas

  • Jan 23, 2023
  • Travel
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I experience Christmas for the first time in Lisbon and for the second time in Denmark. And recently, when I got to experience Christmas in Germany, I felt like I got introduced to it even more. Just as in Denmark, celebrations for Christmas in Germany start early on. Starting from the first day of December I could see the cute decorations, advent candles, and stars on the windows of German houses. Although the sun was setting very early, the streets were colorful and full of cozy lightning.

Interview with the Efe Sembol: Stepping into the painting to comprehend abstract art

  • Jul 26, 2022
  • Art, Interviews
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Have you ever thought about why abstract painting is considered by many to be incomprehensible? Shapes we cannot make sense of, paint that drips down almost accidentally. So how we can appreciate abstract art? The answer is, you must enter the world of this painting and see where it takes you. I often think that prejudices against abstract painting often come from the difficulty in interpreting them, most of the visual content we consume often has precise meaning and conveys a message to the target audience.

Empty beach with the sunbeds in Kaputaş beach

7 things to do in Kaş

  • Jul 26, 2022
  • Travel
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The best way to catch the rhythm and spirit of a city is to walk. While walking in the streets of Kaş you are going to feel yourself surrounded by great history. In ancient times Kaş was ruled by Lycian and Roman empires. The most fascinating highlight of my trip to Kaş was the astonishing landscapes of Lycian and Roman ancient settlements.